31" Buckskin Stallion
1981 - 2011
Rum was a Grandson of the legendary
"Dels Cowboy"
Landrys Impressive Rum
In 2006,  Rum was found in the paddock with a totally shattered hind leg. After
devastating news that amputation or euthanasia were the only solutions we  decided to
go against the odds and refused to take irreparable as the answer.
Rums leg was put in a full length cast and stabled to restrict movement for 14 long
months. Once x rays confirmed that the bone had finally healed and cast could be
removed. He was then confined for a further 3 months to regain strength.
Throughout this long hard battle Rum showed strength, determination and will to
survive like no other could. He was an amazing horse who beat all odds and fully
recovered from the injury.
For the next few years up until the day he died, Rum lived happily in the paddock as a
working stallion.
November 2009 - Rum at 18 years of age
and in total paddock condition
He was an extremely fit, healthy, active stallion
with no sign of weakness right up until his last
moments. His death came as a big shock to us all.

Rum was such a strong willed horse, with a
character like no other. He lived life full of
confidence with not a fear in the world.
But behind his coat of armour those close to him
also knew and loved a sweet natured big softy of a
We know it must of been his time to go, and are
thankful that there was no suffering, nor ounce of
sickness involved, as he was a horse who would
not have given up easily.

Rum will always be in our hearts and never far
away - watching over what will forever be his