Sedona Stud have a small, but quality breeding program of  American Miniature Donkeys.
All of our Donkeys have a minimum of 50% American bloodline - originating from the Jack we
imported from USA in 2002 - "Half Pints Abners  Ceaser".
Our current stud jack "Chuck"  is a son of Abner and stands a mighty 29" tall.
Our 3 Jennies all stand under 35".  

Despite the often bad reputation donkeys carry, these beautiful little animals have very loving,
gentle natures making them a pleasure to own.

We offer a small number of Donkey foals for sale each year, please contact us for availability or
to go on a waiting list for up coming foals.

Pictured below are some snapshots of donkeys we have bred over the years.
- Adorable - Kind - Loving -